[General] Repos are useless

oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Tue May 31 04:52:47 UTC 2016

On 31/05/16 16:48, Lugarius Enerugi Albe wrote:
> Why not adding the static binaries as default download?
> I am forced to use them anyway because the repos are not working.
> And the normal users just don't want adding repos after pressing an
> download button, reading a message
> '''Thanks for downloading '''. Without anything is downloading. ... then
> another link that shows you commands to make your computer able to
> install your stuff. ... and if the non geek user read 5min an document
> explaining how to use a Terminal, copy pastes the commands to it.... and
> still after 6min of trying to install, the user pressed an download
> button and Tox said
>  "Thank you for downloading"...
> 80% off all normies continue to use there old messenger...
> Is this your goal? Baiting the potential user with " easy to use " and
> says after pressing the download button : " Haha, did you thought that
> you can just download our awesome software? LOL no. .. you have to add
> non working repos and we trolled you noob! "
> Is this for Tox "easy to use"?
> Can you please remove the repo joke?

I'm sorry you're incapable of carrying out basic instructions to install
tox clients on your chosen os.

I can direct you to a reputable windows or mac dealer as these OS seem
better suited to your level of ability.

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