[General] Repos are useless

Lugarius Enerugi Albe lugarius at riseup.net
Tue May 31 04:48:53 UTC 2016

Why not adding the static binaries as default download?
I am forced to use them anyway because the repos are not working.

And the normal users just don't want adding repos after pressing an download button, reading a message

'''Thanks for downloading '''. Without anything is downloading. ... then another link that shows you commands to make your computer able to install your stuff. ... and if the non geek user read 5min an document explaining how to use a Terminal, copy pastes the commands to it.... and still after 6min of trying to install, the user pressed an download button and Tox said
 "Thank you for downloading"...

80% off all normies continue to use there old messenger...

Is this your goal? Baiting the potential user with " easy to use " and says after pressing the download button : " Haha, did you thought that you can just download our awesome software? LOL no. .. you have to add non working repos and we trolled you noob! "

Is this for Tox "easy to use"?

Can you please remove the repo joke?
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