[Tox Support] hi

A Human ahumanexistence at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 21:54:57 UTC 2018

hi everyone

how are ou doing?
would someone be incline to  ahswer y questions? if i find what im
searching for , it would help me connect with people and feel joyful.

-I'm searching for a freeware that is secure(no skype or fb) no hacking nor
data collecting
-that can do 4 persons videoconference at same time with good quality.4
faces on on cpu screen
-we are all on windows

1 can tox do it? what is you experience with it
2 is tox stable and sound image quality good?

3 what do you think about zoom.us encrypted option( is the image good)
4what other way can i use
greatly apreciated
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