[Tox Support] Questions

Oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Thu Oct 26 06:07:27 UTC 2017

On 26/10/2017 5:21 p.m., Jeff Bowman wrote:
> Read your FAQ, but didn't see these questions/answers:
> 1) How can I use the same identity on multiple machines or in multiple 
> clients? Is that even possible? An example would be that I created a key 
> on my computer and I would like to use the same one on my android or 
> iphone device so that I see messages even when I am away from my 
> computer. Another example is I have 2 computers for work, one is a mac 
> the other is linux. Sometimes I'm on both, but usually it's one or the 
> other. How can I have the same identity on both machines? Another 
> example is I am testing both qtox and utox, so how do I use the same 
> identity in both clients?

You can't as far as I am aware
> 2) What if my hard drive crashes or I buy a new computer, how can I 
> retrieve or restore the identity I had on the crashed drive?
You will need to keep a backup of your tox private key if you are 
concerned about this case. If it is lost or corrupted, that identity is 
lost forever.

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