[Tox Support] Tox client doesn't work on Ubuntu 16.04

morgan morg.leen at ouvaton.org
Tue Nov 29 11:24:10 UTC 2016


Sorry for my bad english.

I have a new laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 since august 2016. The first time
I launched qTox, il worked, but a few days later it seems to work
without the X. It seems to start but without X, my contacts can see me
inline, I hear bips when they write to me, but I can't do anything to
write or see their communications.
When I launch it with the CLI it seems work with warning: 'AL lib: (WW)
alcCloseDevice: Releasing context 0x7fa1cc0083c0' but I can't do
anything with the terminal, what I write doesn't do anything, it seems
wait something like a command's end. I must close the terminal to stop
the processus.

A few months ago I had a laptop with Debian8, qTox worked perfectly, and
before with Windows7, uTox worked perfectly too.

I am a new user of GNU/Linux, I searched more times for help on your
website and wiki, but I don't find anything to help me. Debian can't
work on my new laptop (HP), one of the drivers isn't supported.

Thank you very much for your job, I expect this informations will help
you. I can send you other informations if needed.




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