[Tox Support] Some questions as i move forward to my test client

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Sat Nov 26 05:51:02 UTC 2016

Hello again,

after i gladly made my tests on toxcore and i am very satisfied and well done for your job on all the devs of tox and especially tox core which i got my self into it, i would like to know these :

1. Lets say i use my tox client i created and i have my toxid created inside this client, if someone finds my toxid will he be able to use it in another client ?

Also if i use at the same time on the same machine and os two tox clients will i have 2 different toxIDs or just one ?

I would like to be able to block connections on my client for reasons such as duplicated messages if someone uses 2 tox clients at the same time and sends messages to a friend that has in both clients with the same id for example or send friend request to the one and pops up to the other client also.

I havent tested cause i cant atm but i would like to know how can i use something that will be blocking any outside connection for  the user especially commands, requests etc. inside my client which comes from another client and not the specific one?

2. Is the sended message with "tox_friend_send_message" allready encrypted or do i have to encrypt it and then send it from this function ?

cause the messages i recieved from utox on my test client was not, i just converted the uint8_t *message to string and it was the message i`ve sended from uTox to my client

3. I dont know if it is something with the message max size but i have increased and it didnt also solved the way messages arrives to uTox from my client, when i send from my test client to uTox

it sometimes not all but sometimes it splits a sentence into lines in random way and when i send from uTox to my test client it send the full sentence without error, the problem occurs  especially when inside the sentence has spaces, if there are no spaces the sentence goes full as uTox sends to my client. Do i have to check anything in the "tox_friend_send_message" or size of chars or anything in my message ?

Thanks for your time first of all and thanks in advance for your reponds

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