[Tox Support] Right Order of commands from Tox

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Sun Nov 13 09:03:30 UTC 2016


If you want to learn how to use toxcore, the public API header file 
explains that 
https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore/blob/master/toxcore/tox.h. It is 
very well documented.
There is also an example of using toxcore to write a simple echo bot 

If you want to compile toxcore for Windows, you need a compiler with a 
full support of C99 standard. Visual Studio has only partial support of 
C99, so you won't be able to compile toxcore using Visual Studio. There 
is also no support for compilation with Visual Studio in the toxcore's 
build system because of that. You need to use mingw-w64 or clang 
compilers to compile toxcore on Windows. I personally suggest building 
Windows toxcore on a Linux system, using mingw-w64 cross-compiler, as it 
seems to be easier than compiling toxcore directly on a Windows system, 
because some of the toxcore's dependencies use autotools build system 
which requires msys to run on Windows. You can find instructions on how 
to cross-compile toxcore for Windows at 


On 2016-11-12 12:18, Nocs ... wrote:
> i am trying to make the basics with toxcore no user interface for the
> moment just connections and send and recieve message with toxcore but
> i wanted only for windows and visual studio comes up with many errors
> with posix includes
> is there anywhere i could find a core of tox with no posix? only for
> windows ? [1]
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> FROM: Support <support-bounces at lists.tox.chat> on behalf of Nocs ...
> <NoCos30 at hotmail.com>
> SENT: Saturday, November 12, 2016 4:15:31 PM
> TO: support at lists.tox.chat
> SUBJECT: [Tox Support] Right Order of commands from Tox
> Hello again,
> I am trying with c-toxcore to make a main.cpp and use the Tox.h and
> tox.cpp
> I would like to know if anyone can guide me to the right direction and
> order of commands as below or how the commands order and commands
> are should be :
> int main(){
>      variable tox create new tox
>      (create a new toxID) or (use an allready created toxID)
>      create and start the server to the specific ip, port, and
> anything else is needed
>      try to connect to other tox client created in the same way as
> above with ToxID or internet or how it is connected.
>      close the connection with the other client
>      close the server
>      exit
> }
> I am trying to find these commands by including tox.h to test and
> understand how to use the commands but i have some issues
> can anyone point me or give a right way to do it ?
> Thank you all in advance for your time and guidance
> Links:
> ------
> [1] http://aka.ms/weboutlook
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