[Tox Support] Dynamic IP Addrs

Oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Sat Sep 5 05:24:17 UTC 2015

Hello Again
>> Zetok already answered part of this in that UDP does holepunching that
>> allows it to go through NAT'ed connections.
>> The second part is that every time you start tox and reconnect to the
>> global p2p network your tox ID is republished with your new IP address
>> (note that this is a simplification as significant extra work is done
>> to help you remain as anonymous as possible)
> This is/was the interesting part (in combination with "DHT"). So I sign
> in, the tox core/client publishes my ID with my current IP address to ...
> ehm ... where to exactly?

It publishes it to the DHT, essentially your IP->ID mapping will be 
stored on some other nodes in the global p2p network of tox, then as 
nodes are added and removed from the DHT your information is always 
stored on at least one or two nodes (usually when a node joins it asks 
the network for information considered "close" to it's node id - note 
that closeness is an arbitrary number based on any number of criteria, 
not actual distances).

Which means other clients can look this information up as they need it 
by asking the other nodes in the p2p network. Your own client will also 
be a part of this and will sometimes store the IP->ID mapping for other 
clients so that their friends can look them up.


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