[Tox Support] Dynamic IP Addrs

oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Thu Sep 3 22:14:30 UTC 2015

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On 03/09/15 07:06, e-tge wrote:
> 1) Many people use computers at home connected to the WWW through
> some router supplied by Internet-providers. My computer uses DHCP
> and may have a different IP address every time (let's say,
> the same applies to my router (e.g., which finally NATs my
> computer's address to the outside world ( Same applies to
> my friend I'm about to call ... How is this supposed to work
> considering the peer-to-peer concept?

Zetok already answered part of this in that UDP does holepunching that
allows it to go through NAT'ed connections.

The second part is that every time you start tox and reconnect to the
global p2p network your tox ID is republished with your new IP address
(note that this is a simplification as significant extra work is done
to help you remain as anonymous as possible)

This means that as long as your friend knows your Tox ID, he can look
that up in the DHT and find your currently published IP and then you
can begin to talk p2p


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