[General] Bulk CNE - Improve Tox threat model

zero-one zero-one at tox.chat
Mon Oct 5 22:30:44 EDT 2015

I like the idea of having a semi-formal threat model assessment. The
real question here is: who is going to do the work? As it stands, my
plate is full.

Adding it to an article on the wiki should do just fine. In the
meantime, installgen2 is going to finish work on the new site (at some
point), at which time we might put in a small link to the article on the

On 10/05/2015 10:24 PM, oranges wrote:
> I think you're bang on with your assessment,
> I personally advocate that we move the threat model assessment and
> writeup to the wiki, so we can link to it from both the main website and
> the binaries download page - then we can edit it really easily when
> information like this comes to light.
> Right now the process for getting new copy on the website is completely
> non existent so I think it would be a better solution, anyone have any
> thoughts?
> Cheers
> oranges
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