[General] Helping the network (DHT) + bootstrap node

Oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Sun Nov 22 02:26:01 PST 2015


> As most users will be behind NAT, does it help to run a TOX client on a
> static public address to act as a relay, even if I'm not actively using
> it for messaging?
It's helpful to have stable nodes in the network, especially ones 
without any NAT or a shifting IP address. However, running a 
bootstrap/tcp node would be better as it will properly advertise itself 
as being available to use for clients that are having trouble punching 
through say NAT, or needing to use tcp to connect.
> I know I could run a bootstrap node instead, which is a possibility, but
> this is mainly a question about how the system works.
> On that side, roughly how much CPU and bandwidth would a bootstrap node
> require?
My knowledge of this is out of date, but I ran one several months ago on 
a 20 dollar VPS and the data/cpu usage was minimal.


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