[Dev] Mass build creation on jenkins

oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Mon Dec 28 17:31:03 PST 2015

Useful for setting up pbuilder/etc packages where the actual changes
can be replaced trivially

take a look at do_it.sh and toxic_pbuild.xml on

Basically, set up a single example build with the appropriate configs,
then rip the config.xml file down, you can get them at job urls like so:


you can always find this by going to the job page, then going to the
rest api link at the bottom of the page

then go through removing arch/distro specific codenames and replacing
with a placeholder

then chuck them into do_it.sh and it will setup all the jobs like snap

This is, so so much easier than doing it by hand.

Bonus - you can post these config files to the job url you ripped them
from and update configs without going through jenkins interface,
although I have not experimented too much with this.

Anyway, if anyone else is as feedup with the jenkins interface as me
this will probably be interesting

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