[Tox Support] restoring acc

nurupo nurupo at tox.chat
Sun Nov 14 22:52:31 UTC 2021


If you still have the Tox profile file (aka the savedata file) created 
by the first client stored on your device, you should be able to open it 
up using the same client again. It might also be possible to import it 
into your new client, if the clients support this. Clients generally 
don't have export/import functionality in the UI, but they often use the 
same file format for the savedata file, so it's often possible to 
transplant it from one client to another. It's a binary file, often with 
.tox extension, though can also be without.

Also, it makes no sense for you to try to prove that a Tox ID belongs to 
you. Your Tox profile is stored on your device only, there is nothing we 
can do on our end to restore it. Think of it as of Bitcoin wallet: if 
you delete the wallet.dat file, you lose your wallet, period, Bitcoin 
developers won't be able to restore it for you. Similar thing here. No 
matter how hard you prove it to us, it won't do any good as all the data 
is stored on your end.


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