[Tox Support] qTox for Windows 64-bit - Trojan detected in it

Peter Arvo peterarvo at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 14 16:14:38 UTC 2021


After installing qTox using it a bit, it was left running in the background for several hours in which time my anti-virus/anti-malware detected what it identified as a Trojan from qTox trying to communicate to If I do a search on that IP address it says it belongs to ERA LLC. and they are located in the Netherlands ( https://www.lookip.net/ip/ ).  It also looks like it is associated with Russia, see the WHOIS information https://www.lookip.net/whois/ .

This is where I downloaded the qTox software from: https://github.com/qTox/qTox/releases/download/v1.17.3/setup-qtox-x86_64-release.exe




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