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I suggest making order in your bundespolizei so they actually do focus on 
all those millions of illegal migrants who aggressively attack, mug, rape 
and kill the white folk who work on them, instead of criminalising ordinary 
citizens because of some bullshit reasons which they always find. It is why 
actually fully anonymous and safely encrypted protocols and apps like Tox 
are needed: because of countries like Germany or France who always have to 
push their ill ways on everybody else (this time it's all that 
enviromentalist and migrant BS through EUSR, which failed so badly 
containing Germany). Not sure if you noticed, but there already is (or is 
coming fast) censorship in about half of the european countries, and they 
try night and day to force that on everybody.

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"ok in respective way:

No body care , solve your personal issues away from here.

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> More respect please. I did not talk about myself. It was just a polite 
> to avoid abusive usage. Nowadays a real serious problem.
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