[Tox Support] Fwd: Need update info about my node

МАН69К tox at mah69k.net
Wed Aug 21 06:37:07 UTC 2019

Does anyone check mailbox node-request at tox.chat? I sent an email with changes 
about my node 11.08 but there is still no reaction.

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Тема: Need update info about my node
Дата: 2019-08-11 21:17
От: МАН69К <tox at mah69k.net>
Кому: node-request at tox.chat

This is maintainer of --- 2a00:7a60:0:746b::3 --- 
DA4E4ED4B697F2E9B000EEFE3A34B554ACD3F45F5C96EAEA2516DD7FF9AF7B43 node.
I'm moving my Tox node to another server, so please update info.
My new IPv4 -
New IPv6 - 2a04:ac00:1:9f00:5054:ff:fe01:becd
New country - Russia.
I transfer my key between servers, so not need edit public key.
Also port and my name not changed.

Best regards, MAH69K.


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