[Tox Support] Help Create my Tox ID

nurupo nurupo at tox.chat
Fri Dec 21 23:45:43 UTC 2018


I hope you are aware that this is a public mailing list and everything 
you post on here is publicly accessible by everyone on the internet, 
including search engines. I would think twice before posting any 
personal information.

That being said, Tox doesn't have usernames and passwords in the usual 
central authentication sense. Although the exact details depend on the 
client you use, what usually happens is that Tox generates your profile 
locally on your computer and stores it as a file, optionally 
password-protecting it. Think GPG secret keyring, if you are familiar 
with GPG. If you lose the profile file or forget the password, there is 
no way to restore your profile. The profile file location depends on the 
client you use, so if you want to know where it is stored you'd need to 
tell us what client you use first. It's generally stored in the standard 
places, like somewhere within %APPDATA% on Windows and ~/.config on 
Linux, but again, it depends on a client, it could as well just store it 
in the working directory.

Now excuse me while I'm trying to delete the personal information you 
have posted from the mailing list's web archive and hopefully don't 
break the mailing list in any way.
I would appreciate if anyone replying to this thread would remove the 
citation of previous emails as not to re-introduce the personal 
information back.


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