[Tox Support] qTox setup help pls

moss at snap.net.nz moss at snap.net.nz
Wed Jan 11 01:45:36 UTC 2017


Dear List Support,
I have struggled to enable my qTox to function
correctly (see below) and on the advice of nuropo have gone through the
user manual. I have also uninstalled my system and reinstalled with
v1.6.0-obs which I assume is the latest one for Linuxmint 18.

Is there
anyone who can call me on qTOX to help me through the configurations to
see whether it's possible to get it working properly, please. My ID

I'm particularly interested to see whether the USP enabled/disabled
will help with the quality issue which was the sound intermittently
dropping out altogether during a call

Thanking you for any
regards, James

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