[Tox Support] Latest version of Antox crashes on start.

☣Adam adam at dc949.org
Thu Feb 16 04:01:05 UTC 2017

I was having this same problem on the same version of Android but an
update (through
the Google Play store) a few days ago fixed it. I'm on version 0.25.457
(15457) now and it's working fine. If you go to Settings -> Apps -> Antox
it should show you the version you have installed. If you have the same
version as I do (or later) then we'll need to get a crash report to
troubleshoot further.

On Feb 14, 2017 19:33, "bard" <9003mudkips at gmail.com> wrote:

> Antox no longer works on LG-H345 with Android 5.1.1
> It crashes on start, once I hit 'login' the screen flashes back and fourth
> between all white and all black a few times before going to the orange
> 'Antox has crashed, tap to restart'' screen. Tapping it results in the same
> thing, looping back to the crash screen.
> All versions of Antox have worked on this device before now. Only just now
> updated to the latest version.
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