[Tox Support] uTox for OSX, possible to be made portable.

bard 9003mudkips at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 18:30:12 UTC 2017

I personally only use Tox on Gnu-Linux systems, but for my job I am running
around multiple buildings working with OSX boxes all day long which get
wiped and reset every night, but I still end up needing to tox people for
things. To accomplish this I have a thumbdrive that I keep uTox (because
qTox does not work on OSX) on a thumbdrive and run around with my
thumbdrive in my pocket.
A problem arises where starting uTox on a brand new computer means I loose
my ID, my friends list and my setting every time. So every time I have to
move to another box, I am having to generate a new ID and re-add everyone
I'm friends with. My friends each have a friends list a mile long of dead
toxIDs from me having to generate new ones and me re-adding them every
Is there any way to make the utox.app portable and just save all it's stuff
to my thumbdrive?
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