[Tox Support] qTox crashes on Debian 9

☣Adam adam at dc949.org
Tue Aug 22 20:51:33 UTC 2017

Can you run: gdb ./qtox

It should still crash, but when it does it'll drop you to a gdb prompt.
>From there, the "bt" command will give us a back Trace, which is some good
info. Also "x/i $rip" (or "x/i $eip" if it is a 32-bit system) might be
helpful too. Just copy and paste the output here and we should be able to
help figure out what's going on.

On Aug 22, 2017 15:42, "David Burleigh" <david.burleigh at gmx.com> wrote:

I just switched from Linux Mint 18.2 to Debian 9.1, and freshly compiled
qTox with no errors, but when I try to run it, I get the following. Any
help would be much appreciated...

zerubbabel at debian:~/qTox/qTox$ ./qtox
[20:39:04.880 UTC] persistence/settings.cpp:133 : Debug: "Loading settings
from /home/zerubbabel/.config/tox/qtox.ini"
[20:39:04.902 UTC] ipc.cpp:61 : Debug: Our global IPC ID
is  12443448982999554698
[20:39:04.902 UTC] ipc.cpp:73 : Debug: Attaching to the global shared memory
[20:39:04.902 UTC] ipc.cpp:251 : Debug: Previous owner timed out, taking
ownership 3267929554859237335 -> 12443448982999554698
[20:39:04.902 UTC] main.cpp:234 : Debug: built on:  16:36:03 Aug 22 2017 (
1503434043 )
[20:39:04.902 UTC] main.cpp:235 : Debug: commit:

[20:39:04.902 UTC] nexus.cpp:90 : Debug: Starting up
[20:39:15.449 UTC] persistence/profile.cpp:110 : Debug: Loading tox
save  "/home/zerubbabel/.config/tox/zerubbabel.tox"
[20:39:15.555 UTC] persistence/settings.cpp:329 : Debug: Loading personal
settings from "/home/zerubbabel/.config/tox/zerubbabel.ini"
[20:39:15.557 UTC] persistence/settings.cpp:455 : Debug: "Saving global
settings at /home/zerubbabel/.config/tox/qtox.ini"
[20:39:15.581 UTC] :0 : Warning: QObject::connect: invalid null parameter
[20:39:16.028 UTC] core/core.cpp:264 : Debug: Loading user profile
[20:39:16.028 UTC] core/core.cpp:128 : Debug: Core starting with IPv6
Segmentation fault
zerubbabel at debian:~/qTox/qTox$

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