[Tox Support] Toxcore in a lib or dll ?

nurupo nurupo at tox.chat
Fri Nov 25 05:37:45 UTC 2016


The links point to the latest https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore 
cross-compiled for Windows.
Whenever a commit is pushed to https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore, the 
build machine automatically rebuilds it and produces new .dll.
It's not "stable" though. Toxcore does releases 
https://github.com/TokTok/c-toxcore/releases, which is what you would 
consider stable, but the build machine builds .dll based on the most 
recent development progress. We might add stable toxcore builds to the 
build server at some point in the future, though I can't promise that.

Btw, instead of replying to me in private, it's better if you replied to 
the entire Support mailing list, so that our conversation would be 
archived in case someone has similar question to yours in the future.


On 2016-11-24 22:32, Nocs ... wrote:
> Hi nurupo
> Yes the dll version of toxcore it works in MVS :) i tested with echo
> bot as the tutorial says and though in the first time it didnt connect
> at all
> it did actually came up that it is working fine ...
> Where can i find the latest toxcore builded in dll with headers and
> the lib as the below links cause i can`t compile it my own from posix,
> i really need the latest stable compiled dll as the links below and i
> will handle the rest.
> Thank you in advance nurupo :D
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> SENT: Wednesday, November 16, 2016 7:27 AM
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> SUBJECT: Re: [Tox Support] Toxcore in a lib or dll ?
> Hi,
> It's always better to build the library yourself the way you want.
> You could try using the dlls built by our build server. They are built
> using mingw-w64, don't know if they can be used with MSVC.
> The builds are based on the master branch of toktok/c-toxcore, not on
> a
> stalbe release of it.
> https://build.tox.chat/view/libtoxcore/job/libtoxcore-toktok_build_windows_x86_shared_release/
> https://build.tox.chat/view/libtoxcore/job/libtoxcore-toktok_build_windows_x86-64_shared_release/
> ---
> Regards,
> nurupo
> On 2016-11-15 17:49, Nocs ... wrote:
>> Is there any possibillity to be able to find the toxcore as lib or
> dll
>> file and use it in a windows app ? to call the function of the dll
> or
>> lib from a main.cpp ?
>> Thanks in advance for your time and undestanding
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