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Zetok Zalbavar zetok at openmailbox.org
Thu Nov 24 12:26:46 UTC 2016

On 24.11.2016 08:51, Amuza wrote:
> Hi there, I'm new in the list, and happy about it!
> This is an easy one: How can I know whether I am online?
> I mean connected to the Tox network.
> According to what I read, when using uTox or qTox, first I get connected
> to a bootstrap node.
> How can I check I am connected to any of those bootstrap nodes?

Does this help: https://github.com/qTox/qTox/pull/3916 ?
(rendered version:

> And where can I see the nodes I am connected to?

There is other software than tox that you can use to check to what the
client you're using connects to.

I mean, you can always build toxcore with appropriate debugging level
enabled which would produce logs that contain that info, but it's just
easier to use software that was designed to do that stuff.

Kind regards,
Zetok Zalbavar

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