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Nocs ... NoCos30 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 10 20:20:06 UTC 2016

Hello to all,

First of all thanks and congruts for the great chat and finally p2p with no servers needed :)

I was stumble upon NAT and connections between two ips for a very long time until someone eventually pointed me at this very good application.
Exactly what i was looking for.

To short things out for what i would like as an advice is that i am newbie c++ developer and i would like to use

only the connections of tox chat not the interfave cause i allready have my own but i found hard to understand which of all the clients or which

open source git to search for.

I would like to use the tox only for windows for the time being not posix or at least only windows, macintosh and linux

so i want to find where to start from, which git should i download of them all and a small way to find only the connections from inside this wonderfull chat. (create socket, bind socket, listen socket, send and recieve message with the ips others or ids)

I dont want the interface neither any fancy stuff, i just want to be able to find the code that connects 2 pc`s or more through internet so i can attach it to my own interface.

Thank you in advance

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