[Tox Support] Package list for Ubuntu Vivid Armhf is empty

nurupo nurupo at tox.chat
Tue May 31 18:04:24 UTC 2016

I see zetok is intentionally spreading confusion again.

pkg.tox.chat is not being deprecated, however the qTox project, which 
zetok is part of, is switching from using pkg.tox.chat for distributing 
qTox Linux binaries, to using OBS. With qTox being gone from the 
pkg.tox.chat, it will still continue to serve other clients. Also, qTox 
will sill be using build.tox.chat for Windows binaries, as far as I'm 

abbat's OBS package repository is great, it has a lot more packages than 
pkg.tox.chat does and it supports more distributions, but it's not 
maintained by tox.chat nor by the developers of the clients other than 
qTox, so use it on your own risk for anything other than qTox.

As far as the original issue of the armhf repository being empty, people 
creating packages for clients don't seem to like that target much, 
perhaps because it's harder to compile for. We welcome any help in 
packaging, especially if you are familiar with the process of .deb 
packaging and using pbuilder, so you can always help us improve things.


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