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SHIH YEN-TE shihyente at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 08:34:59 UTC 2016

Hi Tox team,
I want to design my own video chat software, the main idea is to detect human face and transform it to be a feature sequence,
then only send the key sequence to another people. That human will reconstruct the face (2D or 3D) and display it.
So, the communication efffort will be very small. I want to learn how to write a video chat software between two 
computers via internet. I am an algorithm engineer who have computer vision knowleages and good C++/CUDA skill,
but I don't know internet knowleage. So I want to learn from yours project.
Could you suggest one book to me if I want to know how to modify your project and know how it works.
Thank you so much!
Yen-Te, Shih
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