[Tox Support] Package list for Ubuntu Vivid Armhf is empty

Zetok Zalbavar zetok at openmailbox.org
Thu Jun 2 17:20:54 UTC 2016

On 31.05.2016 10:43, Zetok Zalbavar wrote:
> On 30.05.2016 02:12, Mister Red wrote:
>> Dear Sir, Madame,
>> The package list for Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid architecture Armhf is empty (0 bytes).
>> I'd like to install qtox on my Tablet running Ubuntu 15.04  armhf
>> Can you fix this?
>> Any suggestions?
> pkg.tox.chat is being deprecated.
> Replacement:
> https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:antonbatenev:tox
> Because of reasons, OBS doesn't have yet easy way of compiling for archs
> other than x86{,_64}.
> That doesn't mean that compiling for other archs is impossible, but it
> does mean that it would be *hard*, and time-consuming.
> So the quickest way would be to help with it.
> Some links that should be helpful:
> https://github.com/abbat/tox.pkg
> https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Build_Service_Concept_CrossDevelopment

Actually, scratch that, looks like abbat did another awesome thing, and
now there ARM builds[1]:

> <abbat> qTox for Ubuntu Vivid+ on arm64/armhf/ppc64el architectures
https://launchpad.net/~abbat/+archive/ubuntu/tox needs testers :)


Kind regards,
Zetok Zalbavar
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