[Tox Support] 1. How do you update uTox? 2. How can I use the same toc account on multiple computers/devices?

Gregory Mullen greg at grayhatter.com
Fri Jul 22 03:56:48 UTC 2016

Sorry for the delay in response. I've been very busy lately, and even
though nurupo reminded me twice I still never found time. (Thanks nurupo,
and I'm REALLY sorry Marcus)

1) depends on where you downloaded it from. If you're using the
utox_runner.exe, it'll auto-update itself. If you're not you're correct,
just download the version you want, and it should "just work".

B.7) I always suggest you have a backup of your profile somewhere because
there is no way to recover an account, but no, updating uTox will keep your
original account. You won't have to start over. uTox did have a problem
overwriting profiles on windows a few versions ago, but that's not
something I've heard about in months, so backup anyways! Also, don't forget
to make a backup...

iivx) You can't yet do this with ANY Tox client. But I'm currently in the
process of adding that feature to toxcore. (The reason why uTox hasn't seen
a lot of development lately.) I do have a testing version here ->
BUT that version WILL overwrite your profile with the new version, so if
you do use the multi-device version of uTox and don't have a backup, you'll
never be able to go back to the stable version. (If you have a backup, you
can change versions whenever you'd like)

The only caveat to that is that, to get the full features your friends will
all also have to be using the multi-device version of uTox. Tox will still
function normally with the standard version of Tox clients. But it's not
much better than standard.

Again, sorry for the delay, and good choice on your Tox client!

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 6:50 AM, Marcus Nilsson <heftycaliber at gmail.com>

> 1. I installed uTox for Linux 64bit, how do I update it later?
> Do I just redownload it and overwrite the old uTox?
> Won't that create a new account for me? I want to keep the previous
> account.
> 2. How can I install uTox on multiple computer and on other devices such
> as my iphone AND use the same account on them all?
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