[Tox Support] Running a node.

Damien skyguide.base at icloud.com
Wed Jan 6 06:19:04 UTC 2016

Hello, I would like to contribute to your project and I have a couple of 

1. Could you please clarify a bit what type of nodes are used to 
facilitate tox communications, in a different parts of wiki pages there 
is a bit different terminology.
      There is mentioning of something called "DHT node", while under 
"running a node" section, node called a "bootstrap node". Is that a same 

2. It seems that in order to run a node, tox core has to be installed 
first. If that's the case, in instruction to install a Tox core, there 
is separate instruction for installing/including libraries to facilitate 
audio/video communications.
Could you please clarify if this actually necessary to facilitate a full 
functionality including a audio/video communication for a tox users 
utilizing the node of a distributed tox network, or .... A/V libraries 
needed for... a local tox client on the system?

3. I'm considering running a vm (on esxi host) dedicated to the node. as 
a base OS, i will use ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server.
This esxi host/ vm / node will be running behind PFsense 2.2.6 (FreeBSD 
Could you provide a best practice recommendations in terms of all 
necessary network related config on the firewall, port forwarding, what 
ports (if any) would have to be opened...

4. The cost of running the node - in terms of amount of traffic the node 
may receive - could you please estimate it or this is not something you 
can anticipate at all? Meaning - will I be slammed with huge traffic volume?

5. Can you make any comments regarding potential exposure to outside 
intrusion, including a state sponsored attacks. My host will be in USA 
and with all the issues we have going on over here (NSA) I am trying to 
scale how much of a target I personally may become, running a tox-core node.

Have you had any incidents when this already became an issue of node 

Note: The host will be physically connected via a residential i-net 
access, with a very slow connection rate.
Could you please provide an absolute minimum requirements for the 
network in terms of up/down speed, and latency.

The i-net facing interface of PFSense has a public IP address, it is 
Dynamic but it has a registered DDNS record.
Would that be acceptable or even feasible to run a node?

Please let me know if you can, and thank you for your time.


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