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Damien skyguide.base at icloud.com
Tue Feb 2 03:15:39 UTC 2016

Oh no! no no no... no mailing me your profile config!

To est' ti xochesh svoi profile kotorii ti sozdal (vklychiaia tox id) na 
windows7 machne, migrirovat' na svoii telefon pod ypravleniem Android os?

Hey guy's at the support for tox... could you chime in and help out with 
the advise...

The scenario... Profile was created in Tox client on MS Windows7 machine 
and a person now trying to migrate that profile (including the Tax ID) 
on to Android phone.

How can he execute this? If not a actual profile migration, but at least 
how he can use his Tox client on Android with the same Tox ID?

Any info would be appreciate it.

I can deal with migration of profiles on Linux platform, but how to do 
this between Win machine and Android phone, I got no idea.

Thank you.

On 02/01/2016 02:33 PM, Lion Super wrote:
> Изначально я установил Tox на ПК (windows7), затем на android. На 
> всякий случай прикрепляю файл созданный на ПК, он не цепляется на 
> телефоне.
> 31.01.2016 23:57 пользователь "Damien" <skyguide.base at icloud.com 
> <mailto:skyguide.base at icloud.com>> написал:
>     Hey, I don't have a russian keyboard, but... let's try this...
>     Na kakoi OS ti imeesh originalinii profile dlia tvoego Tox clienta?
>     Kakoi Tox liclent ti ispolzuesh?
>     Dai znati i Ia popitaus' pomoch...
>     Damien
>     On 01/29/2016 10:37 PM, Lion Super wrote:
>>     Не могу подключить свой профиль созданный на PC
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>>     Support at lists.tox.chat <mailto:Support at lists.tox.chat>
>>     https://lists.tox.chat/listinfo/support

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