[Tox Support] Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Broz ^.^

Nocs ... NoCos30 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 30 18:59:12 UTC 2016

Hello broz, merry christmas and happy holidays i have some problems with my internet lately so i send you from email the question i have.

If i create the savedata.tox and i keep my toxID, secretID, publicID and NoSpamID as string and i delete the savedata.tox
am i able to create a savedata.tox with the id`s i have again so i dont need to recreate a new toxID and otherId`s ?

Also is there a link to read about the secretID what it does ?
Is it the one to use on passwords and encrypts the data with it where should i look for that ?

Thanks for your reply in advance
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