[Tox Support] Why no bootstrap nodes serving on port 443/80?

Simon Levermann simon at slevermann.de
Thu Dec 22 10:34:42 UTC 2016

Hello fuumind,

one possible reason is that a lot of bootstrap nodes are hosted on
machines that are not exclusively tox bootstrap nodes. And a very common
thing to have on a VPS/root server is a web server, and that usually
takes up ports 80/443.

That being said, maybe I'll get around to setting up a 443 node on my
server (it has a second IP anyhow). But definitely not before the end of
the year, it is vacation time for me after today.



On 22.12.2016 10:56, fuumind wrote:
> Hi all!
> Is there a special reason why no bootstrap nodes are on port 443/80?
> Like is it more difficult / dangerous? Reason I'm asking is I currently
> am unable to use tox at my library because their firewall only allows
> 80/443 outgoing and there are no available nodes serving on those
> ports.
> Thanks!
> fuumind
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