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Fri Oct 16 07:45:30 UTC 2015

Hi i have a Hawei smartphone and like to install 
ANTOX on the web page i get only nothing if i click on the download
i see www.apks.org-im.tox.antox i get a Centralway Numbers app
what did i wrong or where can i get the Antox program
I have try to download on the PC but always only 1 KB
HOW can i get the Antox on my smartphone?


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>Today's Topics:
>    1. How long until address will expire? (codebam)
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>Message: 1
>Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 01:00:01 -0400
>From: codebam <codebam at riseup.net•ÎˆÝ\ܝ@lists.tox.chat
>Subject: [Tox Support] How long until address will expire?
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>I made a user with the Antox Android app and it 
>was removed after I did a factory reset. Didn't 
>do a backup. How long do I have to wait for the 
>address to open back up again? or is it gone forever?
>Message: 2
>Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 20:02:46 +1300
>From: Oranges 
><email at oranges.net.nz•ÎˆÝ\ܝ\Ý˝ޘÚ]”ÝXš™X݈™@: 
>[Tox Support] How long until address will 
>expire“Y\ÜØ@ge-ID: <561F4F96.4020107 at oranges.net.nz>
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>Hi there, if by address you mean your toxme.io account I'm afraid as far
>as I know they currently do not expire
>You will have to register a new account
>On 15/10/2015 6:00 p.m., codebam wrote:
> > Hash: SHA512
> >
>HXYHH\Ù\ˆÚ]H[Þ[™›Ú@d app and it was removed 
>after I did a factory reset. Didn't do a backup. 
>How long do I have to wait for the address to 
>open back up again? or is it gone foreverˆKKKKP€EGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
> >
> > EH5EZCOj/dSHsJYQAKen+ntWOR6wCK1+ZJd4poQooC4xSiFPDDx2U060cXNqvR7o
> > gsqalhAVQUwBfffKXy+sP35emn51N5ENXzI6115Ww+e6jpNm3TM75z3UxcEi4M6R
>  VLKqO5b1LUf56NXmSRwnV4nXGsZa5hm8WjncHyexdros/WQKs3nyizxX0eeErh7P
> > 7mWDfBOCHP2mFVhItn1LKubgS3Jufjl9qT655Ak/IFl0l6yMNP9lGY7XUfBxQkAh
> > 0J/c2KbPq1whVcgKbQWTLUiLAMftc5ScliJlDkoZL1+hKcwHmfr261gAh3u1qP2r
>S at 1NTTeL4k8soi8M6FQwkiQi5pov7Bqs35idstr2
> > bB4r79AEEOx4rBm6eh2gRijK7XDMkuCpJ+aHvgP4b3vy7f+ltMzVTrRJpn25wqFS
> > 432k/QIA08768NwGb2CT5SNNGE7prulVA0t4zAbLGxrfkIqSJ1OTa8QA4epvmkn7
> > nTqnvp8FS4qdqSK43+TeT4PrPESCxWDmQ7j/7BTewVjjh8ovMFqai50Cp1oDnsnz
> > IUniOJruTn97ufrcILVAVeILV82CrDyh+5rGq9fyCiMlZpHslVvdpxdoq2Bl
> > =Bo9e
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