[Tox Support] Problems Manually Syncing Profile Between Devices

Garrett Powell garretttracypowell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 02:23:29 UTC 2015

I'm trying to manually sync my Tox profile between my Windows and Linux
partitions on the same machine. I use symbolic links located at
*~/.config/tox/* and *%APPDATA%\tox\ *on Linux and Windows respectively.
They point to the same *tox/* directory located on a partition I use for
sharing data between the two operating systems. I've been having some weird
issues doing this. Oftentimes when I try to log in it says something along
the lines of "this profile is in use". Remember that I never have the Linux
and Windows clients running at the same time. Some other--completely
understandable--issues include my audio devices and download location
getting messed up.

Forgive me here, because I'm trying to talk about a program I know
absolutely nothing about, but would it be possible for me to only sync,
say, my private key and friends list between clients? Could I keep the
other settings separate? I know this may be a bit of an oversimplification
or even impossible altogether. When I look in the *tox/ *directory I see a
bunch of files and have no idea what they're for. I have no idea if doing
something like this would fix my issues--it was just a thought. I
understand that I'm trying to do something that's not officially supported.

I was thinking that I could try syncing my profile between multiple devices
using a WebDAV server, but I read on the wiki that running multiple clients
simultaneously with the same profile leads to issues. Just out of
curiosity, why is that and why is it such a hard problem to solve? Keep it
simple; I really don't know much about p2p communication in general.

Thanks for your patience
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