[General] TriCitizen new Tox client on Android

nurupo nurupo at tox.chat
Tue Aug 3 04:33:33 UTC 2021

GPL allows you to sell copies of the software 
https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.en.html#DoesTheGPLAllowMoney and 
charge a fee to download the software 
Charging a fee to disable in-app ads or unlock some functionality should 
be fine too.

Just note that under the GPL, you will have to provide the full source 
code and build/install instructions of the app to the users, so the 
users would be free to modify the source code of your app to remove the 
ads, unlock all the functionality and publish this modified version on 
the Play Store under a different name without violating any copyright 
laws as GPL allows for that. Or instead of making a fully unlocked copy 
of your app, they could make a copy with all the ad and unlock revenue 
going to them instead of you. In any case though, they would have to 
comply with the GPL - include copyright and license statements, provide 
their users with their modified source code and installation 
instructions, etc.

If you are having such a simple question, then you should really read 
the license text or perhaps consult a lawyer if you are having trouble 
understandingthe license. Again, the earlier disclaimer applies to 
everything I say, that I'm not a lawyer and what I'm saying is not a 
legal advice, it's just my understanding of GPL to the best of my 
knowledge, which might not necessarily be correct.


On 2021-08-02 23:12, gary at mohan.net wrote:
> Could open sourcing it get me money?

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