[General] Call a friend via the Linux command line or Python program

yaza yaza at danwin1210.me
Wed Oct 10 16:49:00 UTC 2018

> Hi,
> is there a way to call a friend via the command line (or from a Python
> program) in a 'direct' way ?
> That is:
> - call the program
> - login if required
> - call a friend
> in one go.  (no typing or clicking after starting the program ).
> (As I used to do e.g. in Ekiga:  Ekiga -c sip:yvo.brasseur)
> Brgds,
> Yvo


call_in        Initiate a call by piping data to this FIFO.

call_out       Answer an incoming call by opening it for reading.

call_state     Reports the call state (none | pending | active). The sample
format is mono signed 16-bit little endian at 48kHz.  The call is terminated if
ratox receives both an EPIPE trying to read from call_in and ENXIO trying to
open call_out for writing.

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