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Amuza amuza at riseup.net
Fri Mar 10 11:04:08 UTC 2017

>     We're a team of 6 students working on a school project and we
>     would like to know some specifics about the inner workings of
>     tox/qTox.
= )

>     There is of course a part describing the features the application
>     should have, but also a part describing a "Support Architecture"
>     of redundant servers and backup servers.
>     /Can qTox be adapted to fit a server/client architecture? And if
>     yes, how much work would that imply?
>     /
Client-server architecture? That sounds like contributing to the
problem. Is there any chance that that project could be redirected so
that it contributes to the solution?

I mean it would be nice to have 6 more people helping to have a more
decentralized world by somehow improving Tox -or any other Free Software
going in that direction.

I'm not a Tox expert, but I think every Tox node can be seen as a client
and a redundant server itself. For the backup thing, maybe you want to
consider to implement a distributed solution instead of a centralized one.

>     Thank you very much for your time, and thank you for the effort
>     you put into tox and qTox.
>     Peter Aubry-Walker,
>     Paul Arcari,
>     Axel Coche,
>     Paul Destour,
>     Loïc Lebon,
>     Thibault Lemaire,
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