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Thibault Lemaire thibault.lemaire at supinfo.com
Thu Mar 9 19:27:17 UTC 2017


We're a team of 6 students working on a school project and we would like 
to know some specifics about the inner workings of tox/qTox.

*About the project :*

It is an open subject which goal is to put us in a real world situation 
of software development. The context is the following : "You have been 
hired to build and design a complete multi-platform messaging system 
just like Skype or Slack".

There is of course a part describing the features the application should 
have, but also a part describing a "Support Architecture" of redundant 
servers and backup servers.

It is the opportunity for us to combine our programming as well as our 
server managing skills.

*The question :*

So, as I already knew about tox and qTox I suggested we could use it as 
a work-base. But what about the server architecture?

Therefore, here is our very basic question :

/Can qTox be adapted to fit a server/client architecture? And if yes, 
how much work would that imply?

/We simply wanted the opinion of experts on the matter so we can decide 
if it's a viable option before diving into the specs and actually do the 

Of course we already took a quick look around in the code, and our 
feeling currently is that one would only need to modify the toxcore 
library for that, leaving the qTox client unaffected in it's structure. 
But that arises a second question : can the toxcore library be easily 
bended into a server/client architecture or should we rather make our 
own networking library?

Thank you very much for your time, and thank you for the effort you put 
into tox and qTox.

Peter Aubry-Walker,
Paul Arcari,
Axel Coche,
Paul Destour,
Loïc Lebon,
Thibault Lemaire,
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