[General] qTox development & organization

Zetok Zalbavar zetok at openmailbox.org
Wed May 4 14:14:34 PDT 2016

Hi folks.

As you might be aware if you're in #qtox channel on freenode, qTox is
getting organized – committee has been made.

Committee members are active maintainers.

There are 3 tasks that committee will handle:


1. Propose voting during meetings on proposals that need decision and
core team members disagree on.
2. Ensure that actions are taken if someone from the committee is MIA.
3. Ensure that qTox gets regular releases.


In case of task 2), action is to remove committee member if they're
absent on every meetings for 2 months without any notice.


Meetings are to happen every Saturday at 18:00 UTC±00:00 in #qtox
channel @ freenode.

Cat pics included.  Feel free to bring your own though :)

Logs from meetings & likely short summaries will be sent to mailing
list.  Hopefully Tox will make a ML for qTox, but there are no high
hopes for that.

That basically sums up sort of "meeting" that happened 2016-05-04 on
#qtox @ freenode.

More organizational stuff in the future.

And log of most important part of the meeting.

[17:31:37] <tux3> So we're kinda back to the steering commitee thing
then? I'll always be reachable by mail, but not always in 1day, so
you'll need more people
[17:32:08] <tux3> org or not, if you want that, something needs to be set up
[17:32:30] <sudden6> yes, and we shouldn't load everybody with 100%
work, because that's how people burn out
[17:32:53] <zetok> tux3: use case: business evaluates qTox – whether
they'll use it depends on stable it is, how active development &
community is, and how likely project is to still be worked on in 5 years
[17:33:09] <zetok> tux3: with you being always gone, you can throw that
out of the window
[17:33:16] <zetok> Good job.
[17:33:37] <tux3> Tox is still officially alpha/beta, my official
disclaimer is please don't use it if your life/business depends on it!
[17:33:49] <zetok> that needs to change too
[17:33:56] <sudden6> true
[17:34:09] <sudden6> I think we can consider 1.4.x beta
[17:34:12] <tux3> Well there's 400 issues just waiting for me to fix them :)
[17:34:18] * Andrew7 (~ziltro at vems.default.ziltro.uk0.bigv.io) has joined
[17:34:34] <sudden6> they are not waiting for you alone :)
[17:34:42] <zetok> sudden6: um, more likely 1.5, when initramfs' video
PR gets merged
[17:35:05] <zero-ghost> how about you guys build your world dominating
empire after tox actually works... like with things that matter.
multi-device and offline messaging.  then you can argue allll day long
while people can actually make use of the thing
[17:35:14] <zetok> tux3: so, what is your proposal to fix things?
[17:35:38] <tux3> zero-ghost, gimme an ETA for tox actually working that
isn't "maybe someday" :)
[17:35:39] <zetok> zero-ghost: where is working implementation?
[17:35:48] <zero-ghost> exactly...
[17:35:50] <Andrew7> Hi, can I be part of world domination?
[17:36:02] <tux3> zetok, let's start with the commitee thing since we
were talking about that
[17:36:08] <zetok> Andrew7: our army is always recruiting :3
[17:36:16] <zetok> Andrew7: join, you'll see the world ;)
[17:36:32] <Andrew7> Do I get guns and car stickers?
[17:36:38] <sudden6> Andrew7: grab yourself a pitchfork and attack NSA
[17:36:54] <tux3> Andrew7, you get your name on a lot of really cool
government lists :)
[17:37:22] <sudden6> tux3: yep, starting with the commitee thing would
probably good
[17:37:31] <zero-ghost> tux3: multi-device and offline messages can be
solved already by just building on whats out there instead of
reinventing the wheel and putting people off for the next 2 years
[17:37:51] <Andrew7> Awh NSA means travelling to america though.
[17:37:56] <zetok> zero-ghost: I haven't seen anything that would
confirm what you're saying
[17:38:00] <zero-ghost> zeronet, ipfs, maidsafe... the only smart thing
any of the tox clients can do is build onto them
[17:38:06] <zero-ghost> openbazaar using ipfs for offline stores
[17:38:12] <zero-ghost> it doesnt get any more obvious than that
[17:38:56] <Andrew7> Anyway, before taking over the world... I've had a
problem with qTox which is otherwise brilliant...
[17:39:00] <zero-ghost> you reinvent your own network taking another
2..3..4 years and tox is gone in a puff of smoke
[17:39:03] <zero-ghost> i dont wanna see that
[17:39:13] <tux3> zero-ghost, that's a fine idea, but someone needs to
actually do the work eventually. So far it's not hapenning, so instead
of witing forever for this t be finished, we move forward
[17:39:23] <Andrew7> When I turn off or unplug my monitor, qTox crashes.
Even at the select profile screen.
[17:39:45] <zetok> Andrew7: OS?
[17:39:49] <tux3> Andrew7, oh we had an issue like that with
multi-monitors before I think
[17:39:58] <tux3> It may be a problem with Qt
[17:40:06] <zetok> it is
[17:40:16] <Andrew7> Ubuntu 16.04 (also happened on 14.04)
[17:40:28] <tux3> Now a backtrace with debug symbols would be neat
[17:40:38] <Andrew7> It's a DisplayPort monitor, so I assume qTox is
seeing that there are 0 monitors attached and perhaps doing maths on 0?
[17:40:40] <zetok> Andrew7: https://github.com/tux3/qTox/issues/3065
[17:41:06] <Andrew7> Ooh someone else noticed it!
[17:41:12] <Andrew7> Maybe I should add to that...
[17:41:23] <sudden6> please post a backtrace
[17:41:42] <Andrew7> I havent' tried it with HDMI, but I know that with
DisplayPort the computer/OS/whatever gets to know when the monitor is
[17:41:53] <Andrew7> I tried compiling a debug version. i did not succeed.
[17:42:07] <Andrew7> So all I have at the moment it: Segmentation fault
(core dumped)
[17:42:21] <tux3> Welp: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-42985
[17:42:27] <tux3> It's a known upstream bug apparently
[17:42:38] <genesis> personnaly, i see a project is very good when it
split in different sub-project to keep the main KISS
[17:42:55] <genesis> where the qtox contrib on tox or qt ? :)
[17:43:03] <genesis> part of my metrics.
[17:43:13] <sudden6> interestingly I don't have this problem
[17:43:33] <sudden6> I plug unplug screens nearly daily, qTox did never
[17:43:51] <Andrew7> sudden6: Do you have DisplayPort? I've found that
turning off the monitor on its power button doesn't cause the problem,
but turning off at the mains or unplugging the cable causes it.
[17:43:59] <genesis> as an example, blender never share outside his tree
the great gl interface code they made, nether the renderer or the game
[17:44:38] <genesis> and qtox is rewriting a markdown thing etc...
[17:44:38] <tux3> This bug seems to be fixed in the next version of Qt,
we'll try to update when possible.
[17:44:48] <Andrew7> Ok, that's good!
[17:45:05] <sudden6> Andrew7: I use VGA atm, but I don't remeber it
happening on DisplayPort either
[17:45:27] <sudden6> maybe openSUSE did some patching to qt?
[17:45:52] <zetok> https://a.uguu.se/kswbpr.png
[17:46:00] <zetok> so, there's that.
[17:46:15] <zetok> which other symbol can be used?
[17:46:28] <sudden6> |
[17:46:32] <zetok> uhm
[17:47:04] <tux3> HTML Tables™ :D
[17:48:10] <tux3> Or yeah, | is good
[17:49:51] <zetok> tux3: I still haven't heard the answer for what you'd
[17:50:08] <tux3> We were discussing the comitee thing and we got
[17:50:20] <zetok> so much for discussing it.
[17:50:27] <tux3> sudden6 you talked about people being reachable quickly?
[17:50:36] <sudden6> yes
[17:50:55] <tux3> So should we have some sort of mailing list or
bulleting board?
[17:51:03] <zetok> there is ML
[17:51:13] <zetok> and that doesn't fix the problem
[17:51:16] <sudden6> I'd prefer someone on irc
[17:51:23] <zetok> it's irrelevant to the problem
[17:51:33] <sudden6> fastest communication on earth
[17:51:42] <sudden6> what ML btw?
[17:51:46] <zetok> except for tox ;)
[17:51:49] <zetok> mailing list
[17:52:06] <sudden6> yeah where can I find that ML you talked about?^^
[17:52:13] <zetok> README.md
[17:52:15] <zetok> on top
[17:52:48] <sudden6> oh general tox ML
[17:52:50] * zetok calls it the art of hiding in plain sight ^.^
[17:53:07] <zetok> sudden6: there would have been a qTox one, if Tox
didn't suck
[17:53:16] <zetok> :)
[17:53:56] <zetok> but yeah, Tox people had something against that idea
[17:53:56] <tux3> And so we would use that ML for what?
[17:54:00] <zetok> exactly
[17:54:03] <sudden6> personally I don't like MLs, but I could be
motivated to use one
[17:54:05] <zetok> "reasons"
[17:54:36] <tux3> Damn that explains everything, "reasons" :)
[17:54:36] <zetok> MLs are good for announcements
[17:54:57] <tux3> MLs are not very discoverables tho
[17:55:11] <tux3> Unless you're already invested in a project, it's not
the first thing I check out
[17:55:37] <tux3> So I wouldn't bury public announcements in there.
That's what a website is for! :)
[17:55:39] <zetok> ok, then MLs are out
[17:55:53] <sudden6> good
[17:56:24] <zetok> tux3: so?
[17:57:00] <tux3> zetok, feel free to propose some ideas. Org or not if
you want people to be reachable, we need something then
[17:57:07] <tux3> IRC is something I suppose
[17:57:15] <sudden6> I propose IRC
[17:57:16] <genesis> <zetok> ok, then MLs are out +1
[17:57:20] <tux3> But we can't really force people to be on IRC 8 hours
a day
[17:57:32] <genesis> why not use github issue ?
[17:57:36] <tux3> Timezones and all that
[17:57:48] <zetok> tux3: the only one who has to be online 24/7 is you
[17:58:09] <genesis> we can't provide coke :(
[17:58:14] <tux3> Awesome, I just need to find 24 extra hours to free in
my schedule :/
[17:58:28] <zetok> tux3: ok, then org it is :)
[17:59:13] <tux3> Org won't magically make people available.
[17:59:28] <zetok> no, it will show that there are other people than you
who can be contacted
[17:59:36] <tux3> But there aren't, apparently!
[17:59:43] <zetok> yes, since there's no org
[17:59:59] <tux3> And the org will not fix that if there's nothing behind it
[18:00:07] <sudden6> well zetok and me have pretty high uptime ;)
[18:00:08] <tux3> That's why we're trying to organise something here
[18:00:12] <tux3> True
[18:00:27] <zetok> >tux3> And the org will not fix that if there's
nothing behind it
[18:00:33] <zetok> actually, it will fix it
[18:00:54] <tux3> What we could do is schedule regular meetups to
discuss things. I'm not available 24/7 but I can be there for that
[18:01:06] <zetok> ok
[18:01:13] <tux3> If you want to discuss things or make a commitee
thing, that could be a solution
[18:01:26] <sudden6> regular meetings +1
[18:01:45] <sudden6> then send out log of the chat per mail?
[18:01:52] <tux3> Why not
[18:02:14] <zetok> doesn't sound bad
[18:02:46] <zetok> Impyy, nurupo: can Tox provide ML(s) for qTox?
[18:03:11] <sudden6> one will probably be sufficient
[18:03:47] <sudden6> (for now)
[18:03:57] <zetok> ok
[18:04:28] <sudden6> how often should the meetups occur?
[18:04:38] <sudden6> time?
[18:04:47] <zetok> 2 people with write access are in america, others are
in europe
[18:05:02] <zetok> TheSpirit & dubslow, both ~inactive
[18:05:19] <zetok> although TheSpirid said that he possibly could help
in a few months
[18:05:25] <zetok> TheSpirit*
[18:06:18] <zetok> 6 pm sounds fine?
[18:06:22] <tux3> Every week or every other week sounds fair
[18:06:24] <zetok> (UTC)
[18:06:25] <tux3> 6pm GMT?
[18:06:36] <tux3> Depends on what day
[18:06:46] <zetok> weekend ?
[18:07:02] <tux3> friday or saturday could work for me
[18:07:11] <sudden6> weekend 6pm is ok for me
[18:07:18] <zetok> I'd propose Saturday, since then we'd get also cat pics
[18:07:25] <tux3> heh, lgtm
[18:07:33] <sudden6> good
[18:07:49] <sudden6> every week or every second week?
[18:08:13] * abbat has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:08:14] <zetok> every week?
[18:08:29] <tux3> Might as well start every week, and if we have nothing
to say we'll scale back
[18:08:33] <zetok> + limit on length of meeting for max 2h, preferably 1
[18:08:42] <sudden6> yeah
[18:08:43] <tux3> +1
[18:09:12] <genesis> and soon on new groupchat ;)
[18:09:15] <sudden6> put this in README.md?
[18:09:41] * genesis loves running jokes , sorry
[18:10:11] <zetok> sudden6: wouldn't MAINTAINING.md be better?
[18:10:47] <sudden6> zetok: README.md would make it more visible to
possible new devs
[18:11:11] * zetok wonders about that
[18:11:31] <zetok> wouldn't someone really interested in qTox read
MAINTAINING.md "just in case" ?
[18:11:39] <sudden6> at least I would probably be motivated by a regular
meeting where I could get the newest news
[18:11:50] <zetok> also, if someone would be interested in contributing,
they probably should read CONTRIBUTING.md
[18:11:56] <zetok> err
[18:12:06] * sudden6 is a news junky
[18:12:23] * tux3 can relate
[18:12:27] * zetok too
[18:13:02] <sudden6> I conclude people interested in qTox are news
junkies too^^
[18:13:16] <genesis> it's in the name
[18:13:18] <zetok> but what I was thinking, is making meetings to be
primarily about managing qTox & stuff, and when there's time/interest
left, other stuff too
[18:13:45] <genesis> but we're cute.
[18:13:52] <zetok> :)
[18:14:06] <sudden6> true, people derailing organisational discussions
could be a problem
[18:14:06] <zetok> tux3: ↑ told you that it's the right name ;D
[18:14:22] <tux3> lol
[18:14:40] <tux3> I still have a file with horrible name ideas in it :)
[18:14:50] <zetok> :D
[18:15:07] * zetok doesn't remember other names, even the old one by now
[18:15:51] <sudden6> tux3: When qTox turns 10 years old you have to
release this list ;)
[18:16:25] <tux3> Hehe some are still on the repo from where it was a
tiny thing!
[18:16:30] <tux3>
[18:17:18] <zetok> urgh
[18:17:19] <sudden6> lol
[18:17:30] <tux3> One day I'll rewrite git history just to make this
disappear :)
[18:17:35] <sudden6> now Ricin actually exists as a tox client xD
[18:17:50] <zetok> Cyanide too
[18:18:07] <zetok> (or is it ded by now?)
[18:18:13] <sudden6> tux3: you predicted the future :D
[18:18:22] <zetok> err
[18:18:38] <tux3> Well most of those were not mine :)
[18:18:41] <sudden6> also you got qTox repo on a lot of lists^^
[18:18:44] <zetok> IIRC it was SkyzohKey who proposed Ricin
[18:19:24] <sudden6> oooh, I thought he only recently discovered Tox
[18:19:34] <zetok> nope
[18:19:44] <zetok> nicks change, people not so much
[18:20:03] * sudden6 is going to stalk everybody on gh from now on
[18:20:34] <genesis> i've to fix my contrib and add toxsuite one day ^^
[18:21:00] <sudden6> uhm, the discussion derailed again, put meeting
times in README.md now?
[18:21:02] <genesis> but the community takes people so much for dumbass
when they don't speak well english
[18:21:58] <zetok> sudden6: I'm not really happy with putting that in
[18:22:21] <sudden6> ok, why?
[18:22:29] <tux3> Either sounds fine to me. But README is already so
full of crap no one reads it beyond the pretty picture and download link
[18:22:48] <tux3> I mean I hadn't even seen the mailing list until now :)
[18:23:20] <sudden6> yeah
[18:23:21] <zetok> i.e. meetings are supposed to get job done, and
putting that in README.md would point everyone (including trolls) to
precise point in time-space continuum where they can disturb things the most
[18:23:24] <tux3> That said, either is fine.
[18:24:00] <tux3> zetok, I know Tox has a long tradition of hating
transparancy and running everything in sikrit hidden channels, but I
don't think it would be a problem
[18:24:18] <tux3> If people want to chip in, that's fine. If there are
trolls, they'll get banned
[18:24:37] <zetok> tux3: thing is, I don't want to make situation that
requires banning
[18:24:59] <sudden6> if massive trolling action would happen, we could
mute the channel temporarily
[18:25:08] <sudden6> or something like that
[18:25:29] <zetok> moving it slightly out of sight of by-passing trolls
(by having it in MAINTAINING.md) IMO would help with that, while still
providing info for people that would be actually interested
[18:25:43] <zetok> sudden6: yeah, but that would be bad
[18:25:54] <tux3> Hm. You're assuming bad faith by default :/
[18:26:02] <sudden6> yes, but I don't expect massive trolling
[18:26:09] <tux3> Hiding things because some people may be troll is not
[18:26:12] <zetok> um, I just assume that people will be people
[18:26:16] <tux3> Meh
[18:26:23] <zetok> it's not hidden
[18:26:30] <zetok> it's in the place it's supposed to be located
[18:26:48] <zetok> meeting of maintainers → MAINTAINING.md
[18:27:00] <genesis> sudden6 : you can mute an user too
[18:27:04] <tux3> Either way is fine by me, but I don't think trolling
will be an issue
[18:27:26] <sudden6> genesis: yes, but you'll have a hard time if it's
more than a few
[18:28:05] <sudden6> what if we test if trolling is an issue on the
first few meetings?
[18:28:12] <tux3> Sure, let's do that
[18:28:57] * zetok disagrees
[18:30:19] <tux3> Ugh, so let's go with MAINTAINING.md then I suppose
[18:30:34] <sudden6> ...
[18:30:37] <zetok> um, I just wanted to note that and move on
[18:30:47] <zetok> so, lets move on
[18:30:48] <zetok> ---------------
[18:30:55] <tux3> Well make up your mind ><
[18:31:10] <zetok> I disagreed.
[18:31:27] <zetok> since you two want it in readme, it will be in readme
[18:31:34] <zetok> next point
[18:31:35] <sudden6> ok
[18:31:45] <genesis> i think organisation need a votation tool, does
github provide such as you know ?
[18:31:55] <zetok> genesis: no
[18:32:14] <tux3> Github has the +1/-1 thingy on posts, but if we're a
handful we can just reach consensus
[18:32:22] <genesis> thanks, always a missing thing, german hacker try
to do some stuff about that, but it's a mess.
[18:32:45] <genesis> (liquid democraty)
[18:32:48] <sudden6> vote by discussion is probably the best way
[18:32:51] <zetok> tux3: +/- is not really functional, since you can't
remove it
[18:32:59] <zetok> also, I too prefer vote by discussion
[18:33:03] <tux3> I agree
[18:33:08] <genesis> (
http://www.public-software-group.org/liquid_feedback )
[18:33:25] <sudden6> those new github emotioncons are of limited use for
these sort of things
[18:33:32] <sudden6> (IMHO)
[18:33:49] <zetok> Point: committee
[18:33:50] <tux3> AIUI it was just a solution to the +1/-1 issue spam
[18:34:03] <tux3> So what is that comitee going to do exactly?
[18:34:09] <zetok> sudden6: ↑ ?
[18:34:13] <sudden6> they should have used the reddit style
[18:34:53] <sudden6> 1. collect proposals from new/outside devs
[18:35:28] <sudden6> 2. ensure actions are taken if someone from the
comitee is MIA
[18:35:55] <tux3> Doesn't 1) intersects with github issue proposals in a
way? Or different kind of proposals?
[18:36:01] <tux3> 2 souds good to me
[18:36:07] <zetok> tux3: ~different ones
[18:36:10] <sudden6> 3. Ensure that qTox gets regular releases
[18:36:26] <tux3> About 3), there's the problem of signing keys.
[18:37:20] <tux3> Currently any collaborators can make a new release by
just pushing to the stable branch with a tag, but I have the signing keys
[18:37:26] <tux3> Do we want to do something about that?
[18:37:44] <zetok> yes, but about that later
[18:38:15] <sudden6> 2) means bigger changes, like change of comitee, or
final decissions big ui changes
[18:38:23] <zetok> 1. perhaps s/devs// ?
[18:39:02] <sudden6> oh sorry, I meant 1) with the above
[18:39:34] <tux3> For big UI changes I like to get as many people's
opinions on GitHub as possible so far
[18:40:00] <sudden6> yes, but someone has to make the final decission
[18:40:14] <tux3> I'm happy to let other people decide on this (because
I have no tastes =] ), but I think it's important to have open
discussion before taking a decision
[18:40:32] <sudden6> I don't want the get as much feedback as possible
thing to change either :)
[18:40:46] <tux3> Awesome :)
[18:40:47] <sudden6> I have no taste either...
[18:41:18] <zetok> :D
[18:41:21] * zetok has one
[18:41:31] <zetok> but then again, it does include green Hacker font
[18:41:34] <zetok> so, there's that.
[18:41:37] <tux3> So I don't know if our meetings will be as visible as
github issues, that's why UI discussions on GitHub sound better to me
[18:41:50] <zetok> yeah
[18:41:55] <tux3> Plus people can post mockups and have a friendly,
permanent interface there.
[18:42:34] <tux3> sudden6, by changes of committee you mean like
adding/removing collaborators?
[18:42:44] <sudden6> to point 1) also more code level decissions like
dependency changes, or which style to use with signal and slot macros
[18:42:50] <tux3> Right
[18:43:47] <zetok> >1. collect proposals from new/outside devs
[18:44:25] <zetok> so, rather than than, I'd propose `1. propose voting
during meetings on particular proposals that need decision`
[18:44:37] <zetok> or maybe not
[18:45:08] <zetok> perhaps vote only if there's bigger disagreement
between people
[18:45:18] <tux3> Yea, that sounds better
[18:45:20] <sudden6> tux3: I think for adding removing collaborators
there should be special rules
[18:45:26] <zetok> sec, lemme see how Rust does it, they have something
good for that in place
[18:45:37] <sudden6> zetok: yes, I think thats better
[18:45:42] <tux3> zetok is secretely trying to turn tox into rust :)
[18:45:53] <tux3> Can't blame you
[18:45:56] <genesis> he alreadid did :P
[18:46:08] <sudden6> yeah^^
[18:46:30] <genesis> he prefers awful syntax as qt magnificience.
[18:46:35] * Chiitoo wants github emoticons to burn in hellfire.  Or
heavenfire, depending.
[18:47:26] <tux3> sudden6, what kind of rules?
[18:48:52] <sudden6> something like a majority of the comitee has to
agree on that
[18:49:43] <zetok>
https://www.rust-lang.org/community.html#the-rust-team ← I haven't been
able to find a good explanation, but basically if there's disagreement
between people in team, team gathers to vote in a meeting about the issue
[18:50:38] <zetok> so, something like that
[18:50:51] <sudden6> sounds good
[18:51:09] <sudden6> we also should define MIA
[18:51:27] <tux3> I propose to be the living definition of MIA :)
[18:51:39] * tux3 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:51:58] * tux3 (~tux3 at unaffiliated/tux3) has joined
[18:51:58] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to tux3
[18:52:10] <sudden6> lol
[18:52:18] <sudden6> good example^^
[18:52:19] <tux3> Just kidding.
[18:52:45] <tux3> We're going to end up with a full blown constitution
and social contract like Debian!
[18:53:03] <tux3> They have a nice democrary if you want to draw
inspiration from something
[18:53:04] <zetok> `1. propose voting during meetings on particular
proposals that need decision and core team members disagree on`  ← refined
[18:53:05] <sudden6> I meant a case like "I'm gone for 2 months, don't
kick me from the team"
[18:53:28] <zetok> sudden6: yeah that would be nice to have
[18:53:37] <Andrew7> I'm good at running a dictatorship...?
[18:54:39] <zetok> s/particular// ?
[18:54:59] <tux3> Bikeshedding
[18:55:04] <zetok> ok, anything wrong with refined `1)` ?
[18:55:09] <tux3> Sounds good to me
[18:55:17] <sudden6> lgtm
[18:55:53] <tux3> So just to be clear, the members of the commitee are
the collaborators, yes?
[18:56:27] <zetok> not quite
[18:56:30] <tux3> Well.
[18:56:47] <tux3> It's hard to justify having people in one group and
not the other.
[18:57:25] <zetok> they're in `Committee` group in an org
[18:58:18] <zetok> tux3: thing is, "Collaborators" isn't flexible or
extensible enough
[18:58:45] <zetok> i.e. when there are people working on website,
they're collaborators..
[18:58:49] <sudden6> I think we should start with a commitee size of ~5
people, based how active everybody is there could be more
[18:59:12] <tux3> If you want 5 peoples, name names, because we have 6
[18:59:18] <tux3> Plus yours truly
[18:59:31] <sudden6> where can I find the list of collaborators?^^
[18:59:46] <tux3> Well, the github API only I think...
[18:59:50] <zetok> you should just know it ^.^
[18:59:59] <zetok> works for me™
[19:00:00] <tux3> something like /repos/tux3/qTox/collaborators iirc
[19:00:18] <tux3> For me, I see it in the settings
[19:00:24] <tux3> But I think it's public
[19:00:26] <zetok> https://github.com/tux3/qTox/pull/3113 ← handy list,
without me
[19:01:07] * zetok wonders if dubslow will be ever back :(
[19:01:26] <tux3> From what I understood, probably not :/
[19:01:35] <zetok> oh :(
[19:01:40] <sudden6> :(
[19:01:51] <tux3> Well I haven't talked to him in a long time actually,
but yeah
[19:01:56] <zetok> that'd make 6 people on committee
[19:02:18] * zetok wonders about TheSpirit
[19:02:31] <tux3> So at this point I think it would make sense to demote
dubslow until he comes back..
[19:02:32] <sudden6> would make a good starting point, also we have to
see if the others are actually interested
[19:04:03] <tux3> Do you want to send emails to tell people about the
[19:04:14] <sudden6> so the list would be tux3 zetok agilob antis81
TheSpiritXIII sudden6
[19:04:39] <sudden6> yes, also please let us exchange emails
[19:05:42] <tux3> Exchange mail addresses you mean?
[19:06:10] <sudden6> yes, I only have yours and zetoks
[19:09:16] <sudden6> So what about 2) ensure actions are taken if
someone from the comitee is MIA ?
[19:09:28] <tux3> What kind of actions?
[19:09:56] <sudden6> something like don't count him for the voter base
[19:10:23] <sudden6> if MIA without notice probably remove from comitee
after some time
[19:10:38] <tux3> Okay
[19:10:50] <zetok> ok
[19:11:21] <zetok> missing every meeting for 2/3 months without any
notice? or too strict?
[19:11:38] <zetok> barrdetwix at gmail.com , zetok at openmailbox.org ,
info at agilob.net , sudden6 at gmx.at ← GPG suport works ; nilsfenner at web.de
, thespiritxiii at gmail.com      ← people to CC
[19:11:50] <zetok> (in case of $stuff)
[19:13:25] <sudden6> missing every meeting for 2 months without notice
seems ok for me
[19:13:30] <tux3> lgtm
[19:16:29] <zetok> ok, I think that we got the basics down, and 3 points
are agreed on?
[19:16:50] <tux3> Sounds about right yes
[19:16:50] <sudden6> yep :)
[19:16:58] <zetok> ok


Kind regards,
Zetok Zalbavar
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