[General] Community problem - qTox

rugk rugk at posteo.de
Wed Mar 30 04:34:39 PDT 2016

I think you have a serious community problem on the qTox side. I am a 
bit shocked to see a qTox contributor saying that it would be best if 
tox is "cut off and/or replaced" in qTox.

@zetok said:
>  One of things to be done - if there's a part of qTox that's rotting, 
> it should be cut off and/or replaced. Sounds drastic, and might not be 
> pleasant, but without "drastic" things there'd be no improvement..

For the full conversation see 

*Edit:* After asking again whether qTox should be cut off, he responded 
that this "cut off" was only meant for the packages. He also said
> I don't know whether qTox should be "cut off" from "Tox", and I'm not 
> lobbying for that. I think that having a safe distance to something 
> that might prove damaging is preferable.

This still does not sound very convincing...

He also explains some communication issues and that
> Typical reaction I was getting [when contacting the tox team] ranged 
> from ignoring the issues, to outright kickbanning from #tox channels 
> for stating differing opinion.

Also the tox.chat website is only "slightly better than 'just some 
random website'" for him.

So please be friendly to each other. It really should not happen that a 
contributor of one tox client distances him/herself so much from the 
rest of the tox community.
When I said qTox and tox have the same mission @zetok said:
> Personally, I'm not even convinced that Tox has the same "mission". If 
> they do, then things they do seem rather strange and counter-intuitive 
> to what one would expect.

So, hell, no. I seriously hope you have the same mission. - Although I 
cannot find a mission statement on the tox.chat website. (Maybe that's 
something you can improve?)

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