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Thu Jul 14 16:10:26 UTC 2016

On 14.07.2016 15:25, David Burleigh wrote:
> I've been trying out Tox (via qTox) with a handful of friends, in hopes
> that it will prove to be the best alternative to Skype. I'm part of a
> network of 50 or so alternative communities around the world, who keep
> in close contact with one another. I'm on the verge of officially
> recommending that we all make the switch together, but I'm just a
> little apprehensive because of some of the negativity in some of the
> various blogs and forums where Tox security or longevity are being
> discussed. I take it with a grain of salt, but at the same time it
> puzzles me that there is not much activity on the Tox mailing lists
> that I subscribed to (this one and the dev list). Is Tox development
> alive and well? 

Yep. Sorry, it's just that MLs aren't the primary, or even secondary
medium of communication. Vast majority of the stuff is being discussed,
etc. on github / IRC. There are now some #qtox logs available[1].

The main purpose of MLs is to provide a medium of communication for
people who don't want to / can't use github / freenode, so there indeed
isn't a lot of traffic on them.

Yes, there's plenty of crappy opinions on the net made by (presumably)
people who have no idea what they're talking about.  How could such
thing happen on the internet, I wonder.. ;)

The other "main" category of people who dis Tox are people who do have
(some?) knowledge, but criticize it for not using "already existing
protocols", without actually looking into Tox further.  So, yeah,
totally an informed opinion..

As for negativity in discussions / posts – I have yet to hear proper
critique of Tox coming from a person with actual knowledge who did their

On a side note, you might be interested in watching some
thought-inducing stuff[1]. Whole thing is good to watch. Not that I'm
suggesting anything, just pointing out bigger picture :)

[1]: https://github.com/qTox/qtox-irc-logs

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Zetok Zalbavar
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