[General] I love Free Software

rugk rugk at posteo.de
Sun Feb 14 10:58:10 PST 2016

today is I love Free Software day and I want to say thanks to all Tox 
contributors. Keep on the hard work! I just discovered this mailing list 
and thought subscribing would be a good idea. :)

Especially thanks to the main contributors: irungentoo for toxcore and 
tux3 for qTox, which is use mostly.
Keep on the good work and you'll finally be a secure and easy to use 
replacement for Skype!

I also posted this thanks you...
* on GNU Social: https://gnusocial.de/notice/7077065
* on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rugkme/status/698943727801393152

Best regards,

PS: Mailman send me the password I used for signing up to the mailing 
list. Can you turn this off? It is bad practise to send passwords in 
PPS: Would be nice to see you on GNUSocial too.

I offer PGP support. To send me a PGP-encrypted mail, please ask for my 
private mail address.

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