[General] 33c3

Simon Levermann simon at slevermann.de
Wed Dec 21 18:29:15 UTC 2016

Hello all,

someone on the support mailing list asked whether Tox will be present at
33c3. I moved the topic to this, more appropriate list. I'll (sonOfRa)
be at 33c3 starting from day -1 (evening of the 26th) until the 30th.

I'm sure we can meet up and discuss some things if other Tox folk are
around. I currently have no big plans of actually working on Tox,
because I know very well that I will be rather busy with angel shifts,
attending talks, and looking at the awesome things people build. If I
can, I'll get a local DECT phone, and publish my local DECT number to
this list, in case someone wants to contact me locally. I'll be reading
email, but only sporadically (I don't get email on my phone, only on my
laptop, and that will be off most of the time when I'm moving around).

Simon Levermann (sonOfRa)

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