[General] PHP toxme on your domain

tox at gajdusek.net tox at gajdusek.net
Sun Apr 17 05:46:41 PDT 2016

Hi all,

if I understand correctly, tox clients want stop using tox dns. 
Preferred way is use toxme web api (I don't know name, but I mean 
protocol used on https://toxme.io )

I created simple php script https://github.com/franta/phptoxme which can 
be uploaded to webhosting (https support with valid certificate is 
required), and you can use your domain in tox dns address.

Script is trivial, with few functionality, with hard coded names and 
ids. Not require database or other external libraries.

I try uTox, qTox and Antox, and only first is not working.


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