[General] Antox Status

Oranges email at oranges.net.nz
Thu Aug 27 01:12:06 EDT 2015

Accidentally replied off list - here is my response

Hello Stefan
> I am a bit confused. I have set up Antox on my phone. On github there
> are two separate Antox projects [1, 2] and both have recent (but
> different) commits. Which one is the "official" one?
The original client was developed by Astonex - maintainership was 
eventually taken over by subliun.

As I understand it, github.com/subliun/Antox is the new updated 
repository - the recent commits in the other repository are mostly 
updating readme and repository links to point to the new tox chat 

The builds for antox on the build.tox.chat jenkins server are pulled 
from subliuns repository as well.


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