[Dev] Package Shipping Scheme

zero-one zero-one at tox.chat
Sun Nov 22 04:06:57 PST 2015

Attention Tox client devs!

In case you haven't yet noticed, we've moved to a packaging scheme for
our Debian packages that doesn't require you to upload .debs via sftp
anymore (in fact, that method is now non-functional). From now on, in
order to ship a package, you'll need to email "infrastructure at tox.chat"
with your Jenkins job name(s) requesting that your package(s) be added
to the repository. Once your job name is on our whitelist, your packages
will be pulled automatically once every day. This is to ensure that you
can't clobber each other's packages (either intentionally or
inadvertently), as well as to make life simpler for you. If you have
questions or comments about the change, feel free to reply to the list.

Also, heads up, we're going to be preparing to change up the structure
of our Debian repo to support shared builds. The current system of
distro codenames and components (nightly-stable, nightly-debug,
stable-debug, stable-release), for lack of a better term, sucks. It
works alright when you ignore everything but static builds, but we've
got shared builds on the way, and so continuing to use the current
scheme isn't an option. We'll keep you updated, and provide you with
instructions/info well in advance of the change.

Thanks, and happy Tox-ing,
David Zero

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