[Dev] About the dev meeting...

Rayet Areash stal at tox.chat
Wed Aug 19 10:33:41 EDT 2015

As you may have read (https://blog.tox.chat/2015/08/tox-dev-talks-1/), we had 
a nice meeting over Mumble two weeks ago. This mail is for those who were
not in IRC when the last meeting was planned.

The second meeting is planned for 22 August (may spill over into 23 and 24
depending on time zone) If you would like to participate, please mark the
times you are available on the Doodle poll http://doodle.com/p9xkg23t9i5ekpk8

Although it would be nice if some serious discussions took place, it is not
a strictly serious affair.

R. Areash
SVP Developer Outreach / Diversity
Benign Tox Developer Community

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